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This is a story of an American boy that today is the designer and owner of Novum.

Once upon a time, there was a little punk rocker kid, named Logan… He grew up in Texas, but not on a ranch and he didn’t wear spurs.

Logan wasn’t like the all the ordinary boys. Instead of playing on the playground, he played guitar and started a band.

One day the little punk rock boy ran away from Texas and found himself in Southern California, where he went to art school and later became an art director.

Instead of settling into the corporate world, he decided to make his mark by creating his own thing. From his love of music and minimalist style, an idea was born. He set out to fuse the two mediums and create the first high-end men’s jewelry brand for his generation of innovators.

He spent years traveling the world seeking resources. He wouldn’t settle for anything but the best. He called his creation “Novum” meaning “A new thing” as his designs were like nothing the world had seen before.

The little punk rocker was no longer a kid, he was a man with a purpose, but this story is far from over.

Logan continues to live an unconventional lifestyle, calling Southern California and Bali home. Logan is currently working on a new collection, called “perspective”, which is set to be released this spring.